A phone displaying the Vigilios app and it's safety features.

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An phone showing a map of safe and dangerous areas in the world.

A Map to Find Safe Places and Avoid Dangerous Areas

Explore the safest cities and avoid the most dangerous countries. Check out the area insights shared by locals.

A phone showing various safety insights for Mexico.

Insider Safety Tips and Travel Advisory

Learn everything about the safest countries or most dangerous places in the world. Vigilios is your safety guide before and during your trip.

A phone showing various emergency contacts for Mexico.

Instant Access to Emergency Numbers Worldwide

From roadside assistance to emergency contacts, our app connects you to get help from vital services instantly – ensuring you're never alone.

Why Vigilios

Digital solutions have revolutionized numerous industries. Personal safety solutions, on the contrary, have remained old-fashioned and cumbersome. Existing solutions such as pepper spray and location tracking only address a small aspect of personal safety.

While the security industry is built on fear, Vigilios is built on freedom.

Vigilios is building the future of personal safety - proactive, holistic, and personalized.

Learn more about our Vision and Mission here.

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Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about Vigilios.

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Map, Insights & Support - Vigilios is your Personal Safety Companion

A phone displaying the Vigilios app and it's safety features.
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